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Aloha Maui travelers and welcome to Maui!

Our adventure today  is a "Must-Do" when visiting Maui.  As a matter of fact, LetsgoTRAVELMAUI, recommends this tour as one of our Top 5 "Must-DO" Maui Adventures.  

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There is nothing more exhilirating than taking a helicopter tour while visiting Maui. To make it more exciting, especially for our adventurous thrill seekers, We recommend the Best Maui Helicopter Tour | Doors Off.  

It's the only way to go!  

All of your senses come alive and your heart races as you marvel over shipwrecks, sea cliffs, rainforests, waterfalls, volcanoes and miles and miles of untouched pristine sand beaches, all while breathing in the fresh Maui air!

What is the BEST Helicopter Tour in Maui?

There are many helicopter tour operators on Maui including Air Maui, Pacific Helicopters, Sunshine Helicopters, Blue Hawaiian, Maverick, and Hawaii Helicopters.  

It's really hard to say which one is the "best".  

All are great operators and have a variety of aircraft with varying features and characteristics.  All of them pride themselves on customer service.  

Each of the tour companies also have similar tours that loosely follow the same route and see the same attractions and scenery.  

Each have great safety records and offer high quality tours. 

Maui Helicopter Tour with the Doors Off!

Doors off is the best way to see Maui.

So this is where the helicopter tour operators differ from one another.  There are only 2 operators that offer the doors off option.

Pacific Helicopters and Air Maui   each have "doors off" tours of Maui.

Pacific Helicopters is unique in they operate the smaller 4 seat Robinson R-44 helicopters.  Each seat is a window seat which makes it super exhilarating for all passengers on board.  

(Note: As of this blog writing, Pacific Helicopters is temporarily closed.) 

This video says it all!

Air Maui is considered by most as the limousine service in the helicopter world.

They boast a fleet of modern Eurocopter Astar aircraft with air conditioning and  a comfortable cabin with leather seats, digital stereo music and noise cancelling headsets.  

All these features make the flying experience that much more spectacular.

How Much is a Helicopter Tour in Maui?

General Price Comparison $$$$

Flying in a helicopter, anywhere you go, and especially on Maui, to say the least, is quite EXPENSIVE. Remember that  coming to Maui is a unique and special place in the world.  

People dream about coming to Maui their entire life.    

Taking a trip for 60-90 minutes, in a helicopter, flying over Maui,  is hands down a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  

That's why we included it in our 5 "MUST-DO" Maui Adventures.  

Bottom line: Save up and include this in your Maui travel budget.  

Doors Off - Price Comparison $$$$

All the helicopter tour prices are generally calculated on a per person basis.  

Pacific Helicopters, Doors off Helicopter Tour to Maui, Molokai and Lanai is a great value for just $1399 for 1-3 passengers and circles 3 islands and flight time is a full 90 minutes.  

Photo: AirMaui 

We recommend this tour  as you get the most value (attractions/scenery/flight time) for your money.  

The other tours, Complete Island or  West Maui & Molokai are  60 minutes and start around $350 per person.  

Please note that each tour can be adjusted or modified depending on your touring preferences and can also vary depending on the weather.  

That's a really nice flexible service that Pacific Helicopters offer with their tours.  Don't be shy about asking if there is something you really want to  see or spend more time at one attraction.

Photo: AirMaui

Air Maui DOORS-OFF WEST MAUI & MOLOKAI tour is a 45 minute tour (1/2 the time as Pacific Helicopters) and starts around $275 per person.  

Remember these Astar aircraft are fast and can get around the islands much quicker than the Robinson R44s.  

The difference is just a matter of preference.  Some people like a slower, take it all in approach, while others like to get to the attractions quicker.  Both are unique in their own ways.  

The other tours that Air Maui offer are WEST MAUI & MOLOKAI WITH OCEANFRONT LANDING (starting $281 / 75min), HANA & HALEAKALA WITH CLIFFSIDE LANDING (starting $281 / 75min), HANA & HALEAKALA (starting $281 / 75min), COMPLETE ISLAND (starting $255/  60 min).

The bigger helicopter tour companies also charge a fuel surcharge with each of their tours.  Read the fine print.

What are the Most Popular Helicopter Tours on Maui?

The islands of Maui, Molokai and Lanai have some of the most scenic rainforests, waterfalls, sea cliffs, and beaches that you will find anywhere in the world.  

Taking a helicopter tour is by far the best way to experience them and get a unique aerial perspective that you just can't get from being on the ground.

 It's also a huge time saver and you can see so much more of Maui in less!

 Popular Helicopter Tours

  • Private Charter
  • HANA & HALEAKALA with cliffside landing
  • WEST MAUI & MOLOKAI with Ocean front landing

Sea Cliffs along North shore - Molokai

Some of the most popular tours include the deep valleys and tall ridges of the West Maui mountains and the breathtaking sea cliffs along the north shore of Molokai.  

Of course some of the other favorites are Haleakala crater and Hana's tropical rainforests and countless waterfalls.  

Our favorite, by far, is the Complete Island Tour.  

This tour takes you around the entire island where you see such diverse landscapes, from the diverse colorful beaches at sea level, to the rugged peaks of a dormant volcano that soars 10,000 feet high!

Once you circle the island you'll know  why Maui has 10 unique microclimates.  

This island is why Maui is Nō Ka 'Oi ("THE BEST" in Hawaiian)!

What's the affordable option?

This entire article has been focused on seeing Maui and the neighboring islands by helicopter.  

There is a more affordable option that is just as impressive and may save you a few $bucks$.  

This is a secret that Maui travelers just don't know about and is not widely advertised.  

We highly recommend  making a reservation with our aviator friends at Maui Aviators for a "first class" seat tour of Maui and the neighboring islands.  

Maui Aviators has a small fleet Cessna airplanes that provide great alternative to the helos.  

They are located on the east side of the runway, just below the air traffic control tower.

Normally these tour are booked by private pilots coming to Maui.  

However, Maui Aviators can provide a great pilot to chauffeur you and your friends around the islands.

Circle Maui County

As pilots, we have flown these four tours and  all of them are incredible. Circle Maui County is probably our favorite tour because you get to see all 3 islands (including Molokini crater).

Check out our video below to give you a more local insight into this adventure.  

It's such a diverse tour and one you will never forget.  

There is also the option to customize your own trip with the pilot.  Just about flying over to the Big Island and see the lava flows at Kilauea?  

Land at Hana Airport - have lunch or do a touch and go and continue the adventure! 

Go be Adventurous!  

Hawaiian word of the day...

Nani (NA-nee)

Beautiful , pretty

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