Best Day Trip to Paia Maui

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Best Day Trip to Paia Maui. Gorgeous Maui beaches. Enjoy North Shore Maui restaurants, shopping, exploring, and more…

Aloha Maui travelers!  E Komo Mai (welcome!) to LetsgoTRAVELMAUI!  We are here with another cool blog about the Best Day Trip to Paia Maui.

When visiting the illustrious Island of Maui, there are many things to do! Throughout all corners of the island, visitors (and residents) find adventure, nature, awe-inspiring moments, and a sense of renewal. Our biggest suggestion is to take your time. A visit to Maui should not be rushed! Explore the different areas, find unique locales, and enjoy memorable moments throughout your trip.

For a perfect Paia Maui afternoon, get ready to live like a local and enjoy all the beauty and chill vibes of Maui’s North Shore.

Grab Lunch To-Go at Mana Foods

After arriving in Paia Town, head to Mana Foods to pick up some lunch items and beach snacks. Mana Foods is hands down one of the most charming and impressive organic grocery stores throughout the Hawaiian islands. The store has a fantastic produce section full of locally grown fruits and veggies, dry food aisles full of natural and vegan options, a smoothie and coffee bar, and the best deli on Maui.

At the deli, you can order made-to-order sandwiches and hot food items, and the salad bar is full of tasty and healthy dishes. We love their wraps and cold salads and make sure to order a kombucha to go from the tap. Grab some chips, some fruit, some cold drinks, sunscreen, and you’re North Shore Maui beach ready!

If you’re spending more time checking out Mana, make sure to hit up the vitamin and beauty room for toiletries, candles, and a selection of Hawaii made soaps, supplements, and tinctures.

Go to Baldwin Beach for the Afternoon

Now that you’re ready for a day at the beach head to Baldwin Beach Park for a lazy afternoon under Maui’s glorious sunshine. Baldwin Beach Park is a great option for all visitors, including visitors traveling with children and the elderly. There are plenty of parking, bathrooms, fresh water showers, covered pavilions, BBQ areas, and a lifeguard on duty from 8am-4:45pm.

Baldwin is popular with both residents and visitors and offers a long stretch of sand decorated by the beautiful North Shore coastline. There are a few unique areas to find a patch in the sand; some may be more desirable pending your beach plans. 

If you’re looking for a protected piece of ocean that is relatively calm and offers shady areas, head to ‘The Cove.’ From the parking lot, walk straight to the sand, then turn right and keep walking. This is a popular spot for Maui families and a group of eclectics with drum circles and hula hooping throughout the day.

If you’re looking for the calmest and shallowest part of the beach, head to ‘Baby Beach.’ Baby Beach is the cove located to the far left of Baldwin Beach. It’s protected by a reef shelf and very popular for those traveling with small children that want to make sandcastles and practice swimming.

The center of Baldwin Beach has many great areas for chillin’ out and enjoying the ocean, but note that the ocean current is stronger in this zone. In this area, you’ll see people kite surfing and enjoying their daily runs.

Head Back to Paia for a Pau Hana or a Cooling Treat

Once you’ve had enough salt water and sunshine, head back to Paia Town for a cool pau hana (afternoon cocktail) or sweet treat. Paia starts to bustle around mid-late afternoon when residents return home from work, and tourists are on the way back from the Road to Hana.

Many of Paia’s small eateries have happy hour specials and live music – so, if that’s what interests you, check out Charley’s Restaurant & Saloon for a beer and a game, Milagros for a delicious margarita, or Cafe Des Amis for a tasty sangria. 

If you’re looking for a cool and refreshing treat, there are a few great options in Paia Town. Whether you’re craving some Hawaii shave ice, gelato, ice cream, or iced drinks, you’ll be in heaven. For shave ice, head to Tobi’s Shave Ice or Ululani’s. If you’re looking for iced tea and coffee drinks, check out Paia Bay Coffee Bar

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